Bat Removal/Exclusions

bat-removalBats can be overwhelming and scary at times, especially when they are in colonies or groups. They leave feces and urine all over attics and roofs and can be very dangerous to humans. It is very important to remove and exclude bats from your home as soon as possible. In a basic infestation of a home we create one way doors that the bats can leave from but they cannot return. We then seal all the other entrance points in your home which we see during the inspection. It’s most effective to seal every nook and cranny hole with foam, screens, or whatever means necessary to keep bats out. As it is impossible for them to return, they are forced to move elsewhere. The best part of this is the bats are completely unharmed and safe.


 Raccoon Removal and Exclusions

raccoonRaccoons often hunt for their shelter in early spring. They typically choose attics and or chimneys as these provide low traffic, shaded areas that are hard to reach. These areas also provide more security for the mother to deliver her young. Raccoons will destroy any area just to gain access to a specific resting spot. They also leave feces and the smell will stick to the insulation and walls in your home creating an unbearable stench. Simply blocking open areas for Raccoons is not a good solution as they will tear your house apart to get back to their young. Setting baited traps and catching and them is much better.  We then exclude all areas such as chimney caps, and screening open entrances.



Skunk Removal / Exclusions

Skunk Removal

Skunks are harmless animals, mainly keeping to themselves unless threatened by humans, pets or other wildlife. It is at this point they use their spray as a weapon. The smell takes a long time to remove from your home. Skunks mainly find shelter under additions, porches, sheds, etc. Skunks eat anything such as trash scraps, garbage, bugs, and even weeds. The proper way to capture a skunk is to set a baited trap and trap it slowly covering the cage so it cannot see, get scared and spray. We then need to remove the habitat area where they were caught and fill the holes so that no new skunks move in.

Squirrel Removal/ Exclusions

squirelFrom our experience we’ve seen the majority of squirrels invading attics because they have access to the roof from tree branches. That can climb anything and can cause major damage chewing thru wires and even metal vents. They have razor sharp teeth. They may be small but they can cause big problems like fires from chewing wires. Squirrel exclusions are tricky but mostly we use one way doors so they can leave to feed but can’t return as we seal off the entry points. At times we will need to set baited traps to help capture tricky ones. They can sometimes enter through chimneys or even get trapped in between walls. It is very important to have a thorough inspection done if you have any suspicions.


Bird Removals and Exclusions

Bird-RemovalBirds can gain access to your home in a variety of ways due to their flying ability. They like to build nests high up in attics and roofs as they are safe and are low traffic areas. They also make nests up under soffits and behind flashing on roofs. Birds always seem to attract other birds, so it’s important to exclude them ASAP. Bird droppings are acidic and can cause fungus and nematodes. Exclusions can be tricky but can be done safely, so it is vial to have a thorough inspection.

Woodchuck & Groundhog Removals/Exclusions

Woodchucks & GroundhogsWoodchucks and Groundhogs, also known as Marmota monax, are common pests that can wreak havoc on your property. These burrowing mammals can undermine the structural integrity of buildings, damage gardens, and create safety hazards by digging holes in your yard. That’s where we step in.

Our team of highly skilled professionals is well-equipped to tackle Woodchuck and Groundhog infestations with a focus on ethical and eco-friendly methods. We understand the importance of these creatures in our ecosystem, which is why we prioritize safe removal and relocation whenever possible. Our specialists employ a range of proven techniques, such as live trapping and exclusion methods, to ensure that your property is free from the damage and disruption caused by these critters. We also take preventative measures to secure your property against future infestations. With Woodchuck and Groundhog removals from our experts, you can rest easy knowing that your home and surroundings are in capable hands.